Visions of Mary Frank: A Film by John Cohen, 2014

John Cohen- filmmaker, photographer, musician, ethnographer- visits with his friend Mary Frank in her Chelsea studio, talking about her life and her art. "A rebel and iconoclast: Mary Frank remains true to her vision, not artistic fashions- and it is a vision that hovers between the natural world and the world of the imagination."



John Cohen Photographs | Kentucky Life | KET | August 10, 2013

New Yorker John Cohen first came to Eastern Kentucky in the late 1950s with a still camera and an eye for capturing the region's landscape, people, and music. In 2012 his iconic photos were displayed at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.


Puno en Mountain Music of Peru (1984) By John Cohen

Puno en Mountain Music of Peru (1984) - John Cohen

John Cohen & George Pickow on the Making of "Ballads and Bluegrass", 2010

John Cohen & George Pickow identify a few people (among them Carla Rotolo and the woman who recorded Bob Dylan's first Carnegie Chapter Hall concert) in the 1961 film "Ballads Blues & Bluegrass," available on DVD from - trailer at George Pickow remembers Bob Dylan's attendance of (some of) these filming parties and not being allowed to film him.


Library of Congress - Treasures from the Archive Roadshow

Featuring the Downhill Strugglers & John Cohen, September 25, 2015

The Down Hill Strugglers and John Cohen played traditional American music they have learned directly from the amazing collections at the American Folklife Center (AFC) at the Library of Congress. For more information, visit

John Cohen "Walking in the Light" | Steidl, 2015

Walking in the Light is John Cohen’s photographic journey towards and through gospel music. From 1954 to 1964 he photographed in the black churches of East New York, on the streets of New Haven, in the home of blind Reverend Gary Davis, as well as in the darkness of a boxing gym and the blackness of coal shovelers at an industrial site. Of all these images, those of worshippers at a small church in Harlem form the emotional centerpiece of Cohen’s journey, where music leads to spiritual release in trances and dances. The last destination of this odyssey is Johns Island, South Carolina, where Gullah children connect to African ancestors through games and play. Cohen’s photographs of musical performances in religious settings reflect the inner sound expressed on the face of a singer, a soulful expression, the quality of light that illuminates the face of a child, or the intensity of a prayer. Sound, song and religious feeling are permanently rendered in black and white.


John Cohen’s 80th Birthday at his home in Tompkins Corners, New York, August 4, 2012

|Stuart Alexander

John Cohen's party at his farm at Tompkins Corners, New York. Many musician friends gathered and performed. August 4, 2012. At the time of the party John was working on his film on the artist Mary Frank.

Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival celebrates the life and work of John Cohen, 2010

The 34th annual Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival will celebrate the life and work of John Cohen, prolific scholar, photographer, musician, and filmmaker through seven-film series showcasing his varied works. From the indigenous cultures of Peru to the musical traditions of Appalachia and the Greek coastal mountains.