Maurice Tabard was a dominant figure in avant-garde and modernist photography. His photo-montages, double exposures and solarized prints from the late 1920s and 1930s established him as a visionary artist.

Tabard's artistic formation originated with his father, a silk manufacturer and amateur photographer. After attended the Photographic Institute of New York, he honed his skills as a portrait photographer at the famed Bachrach studios. In the spirit of furthering his career he moved to Paris in 1928. Shortly after his arrival, Philippe Soupault, author and co-founder of the Surrealist movement, introduced him to Lucien Vogel. Vogel, an editor and publisher, helped Tabard to establish himself as fashion, portrait and advertising photographer. Tabard's work appeared in numerous fashion magazines including Jardin des Modes, Harper's Bazaar, Figaro des Modes, Elle and Vogue. Charles Peignot, founder of Arts et Métiers Graphique, was impressed by Tabard's solarizations and hired him as studio director of Deberny-Peignot.

Throughout the 1930s-1950s, Tabard continued to experiment with his personal work. His successes in this area led him to become one of the most popular avant-garde photographers of the time, with work reproduced in publications such as Bifur, Art et Decoration, Arts et Métier Graphique and included in shows like the landmark "Film Und Foto" exhibition, and venues like the Galerie la Pleiade in Paris, Julian Levy gallery and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


1897 Born Lyon, France.

1914 Moved to Paterson NJ where his father worked in the silk mills.

1914-1920 Studies at the Photographic Institute of New York under founder Emile Brunel.

1922 Hired as a portrait photographer at Bachrach studio in Baltimore.

Father died.

1925 Returned to New York where he meets painter Carlos Baca-Flor.

1927/28 Returned to France; shifts focus from portraits to fashion and advertising.

Philippe Soupault put him in touch with Lucien Vogel and Alexey Brodovitch.

Worked for Vogel in Jardin des Modes, as well as Jazz, Bifur, and Marie Claire.

1929 Participated in "Film und Foto" exhibition, Stuttgart.

Franz Roh includes him in his publication Foto-Auge.

Began working for Studio Deberny-Peignot with Roger Parry as his assistant.

1930 Meets Man Ray and René Magritte.

Included in "Film Und Foto" exhibition, Vienna.

1932 Experimented with solarization.

Included in "Surrealism" and "Modern European Photography" exhibitions at Julien Levy Gallery, New York.

1933 Took part in group exhibition at "La Pleïade" Galerie d'Art Contemporain, Paris.

Arts et Métiers Graphiques published his article on solarization to the consternation of his friend Man Ray.

Charles Peignot hired him as Director of Photo Studio Deberny & Peignot.

1938 Included in "Photography 1839-1937" exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, New York.

1939-40 Director of Marie Claire in Lyon.

1942 Traveled to Africa as a film photographer.

1940s Brodovitch, Director of Harper's Bazaar, hired him in New York.

Met Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Martin Munkacsi.

Taught at University of Hudson and Winona Lake School of Photography.

Traveled to Paris frequently on fashion assignments.

Virtually all of his work and negatives are destroyed during the war.

1948 Bestowed an award from the Photographer's Association of America.

1949 Began studies on geometry as the foundation for art.

1951-1960 Returned to France to work freelance for Vogue, Marie Claire, Le Jardin des Modes, Femina, Elle, Silhouette, Jazz Magazine.

1966 Retires from photography.

1973 Work is rediscovered in Ecole de Paris 1925-1939.

1980 Moved to Nice.

1983 Receives the "Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris".

1984 Died in Nice.


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